FOC Around & Find Out


Meet the guy with big dreams, a big tire, & an even bigger heart. Weston's first priority (other than his day job lol) is to see the sport grow. He is 100% obsessed with all the things onewheel/VESC! Can you blame him?


Tyler "The Falcon" DeFalco. Coming into 2023 HOT with a 1st place win at Dirtsurferz in the Clydesdale division. He was riding his PEV Dispensary built VESC and pushing all the boundaries of physics (as usual). Tyler is no new newbie to the sport, but we are thrilled to be a part of his journey now!


Some of our favorite little groms took 1st & 2nd place at their first ever race, the Dirtsurferz Enduro 2023. Jaxon (right) took home 1st on his VESC with tilt remote and his little brother, Brody (left) took 2nd on his Future Motion board. We couldn't be more proud!


Cipher, the ultimate trail dog. He probably gets even more excited about riding trails than his owners! But of course, this is a characteristic seen commonly in the pure bred Good Boy.