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Flowglider Lid mount hardware pack for little focer V3

Flowglider Lid mount hardware pack for little focer V3

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The lid mount version of the WTFoc MK2 hardware pack.

This has threaded studs added to the lid so you can mount the focer directly to the lid.

This hardware kit is used with the 3d printable casing that doesn’t have a focer support structure that can be found here:

After placing the little focer on the lid make sure you place the plastic washers between the PCB and the nuts to make sure the little focer doesn’t get damaged.


  • lid (1,5mm aluminium)
  • 2mm neoprene gasket for the lid
  • 10-32 threaded heat inserts (2 long and 2 short version)
  • 4,8x16mm connector screws
  • 2mm neoprene connector gaskets
  • 3mm screws to screw the lid to the controller housing
  • M3x8mm screws and nuts to mount the front side to the controller housing
  • tools
  • 3mm screws and large m3 plastic washers for people who want to install a light pcb
  • plastic washers and nylock nuts to mount the focer
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