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PEV Dispensary

PEV Dispensary Lightweight Mesh VEXR Jersey

PEV Dispensary Lightweight Mesh VEXR Jersey

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We recommend going a SIZE UP on these unless you like a slimmer/smaller fit.

Behold! The summer-friendly version of our PEV Dispensary VEXR Jersey -- a must-have if you're riding a VEXR come race day! Shred the trails; flaunt your steez; and have some clean, green fun -- perfectly balanced at 4.20 V! Represent that your ride is packing a VESC controller with this dope jersey!

Keep an eye out for when we re-stock the Non-Mesh version that is still lightweight, but has a more premium feel.

The Orange and Green color on these are BRIGHT/Neon. I'll do my best to get additional photos up soon.

We will try to add some Women's sizes and youth sizes in the future.

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