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Cannon Core VEXR Hubs

Cannon Core VEXR Hubs

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Have you been dreaming of putting a FloatWheel Cannon Core motor onto your VEXR build? Me too!

These awesome PubHubs make it possible! I can't wait to get my next VESC build done with a Cannon Core motor. I have checked to ensure that the floatboxx 12 core cable fits and passes through the cable slot without any issues as well as tested the overall fit.

  • Includes: 2 axle carriers/hubs (Sold as a Set)
  • Material: 6061 Aluminum (Raw). 6061 is better for thermals and corrosion.
  • Weight: 7.3oz for the Set
  • Inner Axle Bolts: Standard XR inner Axle bolts work great and will be recessed inside the hub. For a flush fit you'll need inner axle bolts with a standard head.
  • Outer Axle Bolts: Standard XR outer Axle bolts will work, but I will be using 1 inch long ones instead of 3/4 inch.

Big Thanks to Auden Huff (Auden_Builds) for making this 3D model so quickly and open sourcing it! If you'd rather get your own made you can use his 3D cad design. Just don't forget to provide your threading specifications to the machine shop.

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