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SuperFlux Hubs for VEXR

SuperFlux Hubs for VEXR

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Have you been wanting to lower or raise your SuperFlux on you VEXR? I personally like dropping my board lower when running a big tire to help put me back where I belong.

These awesome hubs make it possible to lower or raise your board a little over 3/8 inch (10mm) so you get the ride height that you want. They also alow for stock ride height. I'll be rocking a set of these on my next VEXR-SF build for sure. I have checked to ensure that the floatboxx 12 core cable fits and passes through the cable slot without any issues as well as tested the overall fit.

  • Ride Heights: 3 levels (Stock, 10mm raised, 10mm lowered)
  • Includes: 2 axle carriers/hubs (Sold as a Set)
  • Material: 6061 Aluminum. 6061 is better for thermals and corrosion resistance.
  • Inner Axle Bolts: Standard SuperFlux and HyperCore inner axle bolts both work great.
  • Outer Axle Bolts: Standard XR outer Axle bolts.
  • Colors: Hubs either come as RAW aluminum or anodized colors.
  • Retainer Clip: You can reuse the stock SF retainer clip or use the 3d printed one that we send out with the hubs that will work with the stock superflux m4 screws. We will send additional black m4 screws if we have them available.

These hubs come threaded and ready to install. Get out there and enjoy that new ride height!

Individual spare or replacement retainer clips can be purchased here:
Retainer Clips for PEVD Axle Blocks

Big Thanks to Auden Huff (Auden_Builds) for making and open sourcing this 3D model, which I only slightly modified. If you'd rather get your own made you can use his 3D cad design. Just don't forget to provide your threading specifications to the machine shop.

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Customer Reviews

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Jordan Hagan
Love these guys

Weston is an amazing dude and has Hella good products

Aaron Santos
Superflux xr hubs

Awesome upgrade from the stock hubs and with .4 lift or lower. And helps dissipate some heat. Thanks for the dope product. Stoked