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TFL Badger TORque Box (XR)

TFL Badger TORque Box (XR)

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Extended Size Battery Box replacement for Onewheel XR. 2mm more inside height and 7.5mm more length! Be sure to order the matching extended Torque bumper!


1. Injection molded, transparent, tough Polycarbonate, heavy-duty box, waterproofness guaranteed by Badgerwheel

2. Extra Strong Hard Anodized aluminum lid attaches with 3 extra fasteners compared to stock XR box for a more secure fit.

3. Top Rear Rail screw now attaches directly to the box instead of the bumper.



TORquePack: no mods required

CBXR/JWXR/CBCSO: remove material shown using Dremel tool (both sides):

Use 1.5mm - 2mm spacer to support battery (IMPORTANT!!)

5 sheets of standard Letter size paper folded in half twice is about 2mm.

Suggested wire routing:



Lid Install (requires T10 and T9 Torx)

Use pliers to squeeze the hex nuts into the box.

DO NOT force the lid!

If it doesn’t fit perfectly, remove more material per the steps above.

You can ruin the plastic if you install the screws too fast because they get really hot as they form threads into the plastic.

If using power tools, install each screw only 2mm at a time before moving on to the next screw in rotation so they have a chance to stay cool. Same with removing.

Don’t forget the vent!!

2 vents are included with each box. Check your assembled box for leaks, and install a vent over the hole.

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